Episode 18 – A Machynlleth Boozy Bonus

This is less of a Dipsocast and more of a sound recorder left running while men, women and dogs cavort. It was recorded during a pub lock-in at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival and you can hear the voices of Martin Wolfenden, Michael Legge, Andrew Wilson and a number of regulars who were locked in with them. Please Enjoy.

Episode 17 – Battered Friday

From The Sportsman pub in Halifax. Welcome new listeners to the Dipsocast, which is a podcast recorded after an evening of heavy drinking featuring Tom Stringfellow and Martin Wolfenden who are often so drunk that they forget how to speak. In this episodes they get to grips with the new invention of Black Friday and attempt to coherently speak English after ten pints of real ale.

Episode 13- Tom’s Birthday

It’s been a while since we did a Dipsocast.

Well, that’s not entirely true, we’ve recorded loads but quite often we forget that we’ve done ’em and I delete them from my phone.  This is an unusual exception because Tom actually reminded me that we’d recorded one and I didn’t delete it. So here it is warts and all. So many warts.

It was recorded on Tom’s birthday this year and as usual we were both pissed.

Episode 8 – Macabre

In this episode Tom and Martin asked late night Twitterers to suggest some light and frothy topics to discuss. However things took a sinister turn when subjects such as menstruation and where to hide a body reared their killy heads. This suggests that after midnight Twitter becomes the hunting ground of murderers. Lock up your computers and mobile phones because they can get through the screen. Arghhhhhh…